I'm a freelance photographer from The Netherlands. My main interests are travel and concert photography. Whenever I can, I travel around the globe to see, hear, taste, smell and enjoy different cultures. So far, I’ve been lucky  to explore parts of Asia, North & South America, Africa and Europe. I work as a photographer for a concert venue and write live reviews and provide concert photos for the international Music E-zine Reflections of Darkness. Got a question or a request? contact me by e-mail via: ruth *A-T* ruth-less *D-O-T* nl

Current activities:

• Concert photography @ P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

• Concert photography and live reviews @ webmagazines Reflections of Darkness,  RockMuzine  and Zware Metalen

• Freelance projects

• Travel photos


Unless otherwise indicated, the copyright for all pictures on this website belongs to Ruth Mampuys - Ruth-Less Photography. Any duplication or use of these images in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the explicit written permission of the copyright holder.


Interested in buying a print of one of my photos? No problem! A selection of photos in the category Nature is available for purchase in different sizes, prints and frames. Click on the gallery and photo you like and select add to cart to start choosing the details for your print.


Bands: If you’re band(member) who wants to use a couple of my photos for your website / facebook / myspace, this probably won’t be a problem. Please contact me via e-mail prior to using the photos. If you want hi-res photos for promotional purposes (posters, CD covers, flyers), please send me an e-mail (ruth *A-T* ruth-less *D-O-T* nl) with your request.

Media: The use of photos on this website in professional media (magazines, E-zines) is prohibited without written consent by the copyright owner Ruth Mampuys of Ruth-less Photography. Please contact me via e-mail.

Prints: The sale of prints or digital hi-res photos, for promotional uses or media, can be discussed. Please contact me via e-mail.

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